Our Values

Our Values


1) JESUS// We are convinced Christ gave His life for every person. We believe all people matter to God so all people matter to us.

2) WORSHIP// We believe worship declares who God is while reminding us of who God says we are. We believe a moment in God’s presence can heal a lifetime of difficulties.

3) RELATIONSHIPS// Life is not meant to live alone; we were designed for relationship with God and others. We believe community builds faith faster than isolation.

4) GROWTH// We believe a healthy Christ follower is a growing Christ follower. We are committed to helping people find their next step towards Christ together.

5) MISSIONAL// We strive to live outside ourselves. Whether it be across the street or around the world, we believe serving changes the people around us as well as the heart within us.

6) MENTORING// We believe the next great innovation rests in the heart of the undiscovered leader. We love to help people reach their greatest potential in Christ.

7) GENEROSITY// We believe our abundance is meant to be someone’s blessing, so we choose to live with open hands and not closed fists.

8) FUN// We are serious about our mission but choose to have a lot of fun as we live it out. We believe joy is a language that breaks down every barrier.