Compelled Youth

Compelled Youth is designed to help junior high and high school students discover their love for God which inspires them to love People and serve the world. 

For 6th-12th graders

Bedford Location
Our Bedford Location Youth Ministry meets every Monday at 7pm. We also have Small Groups that meet on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.
Holland Location
Our Holland Location Youth Ministry meets on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Love God

Loving God happens when our youth believe they matter to God and their response is to love God. We give opportunities to do this by engaging talks, small groups, worship and times of reflection. Our hope is our youth discover who they are in Christ and that truth changes them forever. 

Love People

Loving people happens when our youth believe that all people matter to God. We give opportunities for this in small groups as we connect and hear each other voices. We also have times of prayer and devotion because in God’s presence we discover how much He cares for us and the entire World. 

Serve the World

Serving the world happens when we become brave and tell the world they matter to God. We give opportunities for this through serve teams, projects and missions so our youth can reach the world. Each role, trip and project matter because it’s all about people discovering they matter to God.

Meet the team

Pastor Dusty

Bedford Location Youth & Young Adult Pastor
Pastor Dusty is the Youth/Young Adult Pastor of Compelled Church.  He grew up here in Bedford and has a heart for our township. He is passionate about creating an environment for students where they can discover that God loves them which moves them to love people and serve the world. 

Brendan Hawk

Holland Location Youth Director
A Sylvania native who graduated from Northview High school and currently attends Northpoint Bible College. His vision is to create a safe and loving environment where students feel safe share and ask their biggest questions.  

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